Spring Semester 2019-2020 (IIT Roorkee)

CSN-102: Data Structures

Autumn Semester 2019-2020 (IIT Roorkee)

CSN-103: Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming

Spring Semester 2018-2019 (IIT Roorkee)

CSN-212: Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Autumn Semester 2018-2019 (BITS Pilani Goa Campus)

CS-F213: Object Oriented Programming

CSI-ZG520: Wireless & Mobile Communication

Spring Semester 2017-2018 (BITS Pilani Goa Campus)

CS-F303: Computer Networks

Autumn Semester 2017-2018 (BITS Pilani Goa Campus)

CS-G525: Advance Computer Networks

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