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Project 1: Design of Automation System for Soil-less Agriculture

Funding Agency: FIIRE, Goa

Duration: Oct 2023 - Oct 2024

Project 2: Social Network Assisted Collaborative Cellular Networks

Funding Agency: Start-up Research Grant (SRG), DST, Government of India

Duration: Nov 2020 - Nov 2022

Project 3: Green 5G Networks: Communication, Cell Selection, and Resource Allocation Perspectives

Funding Agency: Faculty Initiation Grant (FIG), IIT Roorkee

Duration: Sept 2020 - Sept 2022

Project 1: Internet of Things for Smart Cities and Industries

Funding Agency: SAIL Bokaro

Duration: July 2021

Project 2: Development of Low-Cost Seismometer (Nodal Sensor) for Academic and Research Purposes

Funding Agency: TIH-IIT Roorkee

Duration: Jan 2022

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